Prodigy ..


MB on three 1-2-3!
ThrowBack Me N D.Scott 

Ran in2 my man “Prod” from #mindlessbehavior …great connection w/him n his fam! He’s comin Friday also..#g  
roc and some fans <3 
Good Morning Ladies :) <3 

i’ll talk to yall later :)

throwback :) 

thisgirlsomindless said: Would you date a girl like me BTW I'm old enoug

i dont know how old are you sorry?

tiamindless26-deactivated201309 said: hey prodijjaaayy okay so i put a picture on my blog that says for all tm to tell you that u are perfect CUZ U ARe and even though people say that u feel self concious however u spell it u shouldnt feel like that cuz TEAM MINDLESS FREAKIN LOVES U ... in cluding me just so yu know but i think you did know that lol also i think u should come on TM alllot more i dont really have questions for u cuz i have 2 many lol but yea also my birthday was sunday so birthday shout out woot woot twerk team ll dy

aye , i love yall more <3 <3 really i do

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